All of the males we use in our own breeding programme are available for stud. They derive from the very best breeding stock in Scotland and the United kingdom.

Stud Alpaca

At Claireville Alpacas take great pride in our stud males as they were all specifically bred for this purpose. The males we originally chose were selected due to their excellent bloodlines and high-quality fleece.

We always have males available for studding and prices may vary. To find out more information and who the studs are then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We can give you the best advice to use if you want to stud with our alpacas. We know all their breeding, characteristics and fleece quality. All advice is free and we would be happy to help you. if you are interested in buying one of our alpaca then please contact us.

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Additional Services

We can give you valuable training on raising and looking after any alpaca you purchase from Clairville Alpacas.

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alpaca advice on fencing

It is important before you bring any alpaca onto your land that you have suitable fencing in place. If you intend to breed your alpacas then you will need more than one pasture. It would be practical to allow for 3-4 pastures for breeding.

These would be split up into four areas the first being for the females. Second pasture would house your males. You also need pasture for young males to avoid aggression issues. The last pasture would house alpacas that have just been weaned.

If you have enough land it is sensible to rotate your stock to avoid overgrazing becoming a problem. Make sure that your fencing is suitable so that it can keep out predators. Alpacas do not normally challenge any fencing you have as they are passive animals.


If you have questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can fill in this form below.